AQUAMAIA is a Luxurious Clothing line for Women Unique stylish women all over the world. As a Ghanaian, my culture and upbringing have the biggest impact on the birth of my clothing line.



The most important thing in our business is to adorn our women with confidence.
I dont design clothes, I design dreams!

Company Overview
At AQUAMAIA, our aim is to brigde the gap between culture, style and fashion. It’s really about women being able to be confident in themselves with what they wear as they embrace their nurtured sense of style.

The label was founded in March 2011. Creative Director, Maa Akua Berko-Mensah fell in love with fashion at an early age. However, the real motivation came from watching one of her aunties who was a seamstress, create beautiful pieces for people. Today, AQUAMAIA Designs stands out as a one of a kind women’s clothing and accessories manufacturer with pieces ranging from bold colorful outdoor pieces to couture evening wear and gowns all inspired by her rich African culture. Her clothes and accessories have made bold statements in runway shows like Africa Fashion Week New York  showcasing sophisticated outdoor clothing, fit for the conscious woman.

To date, the label has demonstrated a lot of potential to make Africa Fashion recognizable globally with its continued success. Celebrating Africa Fashion Week Africa 2012, hosted by the Department of International Trade and Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology FIT, Maa Akua was invited to sit on the panel for “Luxury African Panel” to discuss Africa as an emerging market for Fashion.

After only a few of years in the industry, AQUAMAIA has created a strong presence for itself, reflecting the personality and inspiration of the founder, with a continued promise of even better more sophistication in each design

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